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Kansai International AirportKIX

Kansai International Airport
The western gateway with many lively Asian tourists.
Asian tourist with strong motivation for purchase is the highest rate of usage. We carry diverse graceful items for them, as well as astonishment one.

Osaka International AirportITAMI

Osaka International Airport
Urban type airport utilized with diverse business person.
A variety items fits for business person's needs are fully displayed, as well as airport special souvenirs which are gracefully accepted by families.

Kobe AirportKOBE

Kobe Airport
Kobe is the most convenience location for the tourist who travel around in Japan.
Stylish confectionaries from Kobe, Souvenirs from china town, Nankin-machi and local specialty of Hyogo are ready for tourist.

Narita International AirportNARITA

Narita International Airport
Tourist from diverse nationalities are cross over at Narita.
Wide variety of items are ready for the tourist who will go to, and who will leave from Japan.

Recommended information

Osaka International Airport is now extensive improvement. However the center area had preceding open on April 18th! For this renewal, we had opened "Kansai Tabi Nikki", the general souvenir store with diverse Kansai regional specialties.
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